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Juli Moody - The Female Human Link Juli is a professional athlete and extreme strength stunt woman.
With every ounce of determination and raw power, she continues to push boundaries for women in extreme sports. She has competed nationally and internationally in Lifting, Power Lifting and Bodybuilding. In the sport of Power Lifting, she made the honorary list of Women’s top 50 of All Time, twice. She also made All Time Historical Women’s Top 100 in Power Lifting. Her discipline and unorthodox style of training has earned her 10 world records.

Juli Moody - The Female Human Link Her one of a kind stunt show, “The Female Human Link” has amazed crowds across America and Europe. Juli restrains as many as 6 motorcycles simultaneously trying to take off, burning rubber –no brakes are applied by riders—earning her the title “Queen of the Burnouts.”

Juli’s unique stunts have been featured on many TV and Radio shows, podcasts and magazines. Recently she was “The Boss” on Discovery’s Science Channel’s “Outrageous Acts of Science.” She has been seen on America’s Got Talent, CMT’s Bike Week, Europe MTV Lifestyles, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, ESPN, and the UK’s Off the Ropes, to name a few.

As a veteran, having served proudly as an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper, Juli is committed to veteran causes and performs at charity events supporting veterans. She also performs at charity events that support children with muscular diseases (MS/MD) and has donated time and assisted with Special Olympics.

Juli Moody - The Female Human Link Julie is an Integrative Medical Practitioner, specializing in women’s health issues and graduated from Bastyr University as an ND. She studied Exercise Physiology at the University of Arizona and has more than 15 years’ experience in Alternative Medicine principles and therapies in the United States and abroad.

Juli applies the same techniques to her athletic career as she has to her education and her work. Her 360 Lifestyle Program is a tailored program that promotes better health and wellness through proper nutrition, exercise, medicine, and stress management. Women’s health is important to Juli as a practitioner and professional athlete. Her interest in women’s health is a motivating factor for her involvement and sponsorship of Health Fairs and Seminars and her outspoken contribution to and for women on health issues..

Who is the Female Human Link?

Juli Moody - The Female Human Link As an athlete, Juli is one of the most dynamic and fearless females and her accomplishments are evidence. Whether performing extreme feats of strength by restraining motorcycles, pulling trucks for world records or ultimately taking on a Guinness World Record feat as the First Woman in the World to Restrain Two Airplanes from Taking Off; her training regimen is a testament to her mental and physical strength. Juli’s “can do” attitude is her badge. She is power personified, a woman extraordinaire and her vision and accomplishments translate into a message that everyone understands. Juli is more than a role model, she is an example of a warrior woman who can do anything with focus and determination.

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