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COMING SOON ... Juli Moody is going to challenge the limits of her mental and physical abilities. She will be going to uncharted territories in this Guinness World Record Attempt involving aircraft. This is going to be a first in the world. Juli will attempt to restrain 2 Cessna 300 HP airplanes. She has been working on this extraordinary attempt for 3 years. Juli is a world known Extreme Sports Stunt Woman with the exceptional ability to stop motorcycles from taking off, taking on big trucks, etc. The Gold Medalist and 10 World Record Holder is going to set the bar of excellence high.
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TBA ... Guinness World Record Attempt - "Heaviest Vehicle Pulled 100 Feet by a Female"

Juli will be attending auditions in California for Sylvester Stallone's Ultimate Beastmaster Series.

Juli is proud to be sporting a new clothing line Pain vs Guilt, a unique line of tank tops T- shirts and more.
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The Female Human Link performed 4 incredible shows at Milwaukee H-D full of flying rubber and smoke during this years Milwaukee Rally 2016.

It was wonderful again to come back to Florida and perform during the 75th Anniversary for Daytona Bike Week. I had great time saw old friends and made so many new friends. I want to thank all the staff from Space Coast Harley Davidson for providing the bikes for the stunts and made me feel so welcome! I gave the fans a great show and will will see you at Biketoberfest for another great flying rubber burnout show!!

Juli was invited back for the Grand Finally of Love Ride 32 in Glendale , CA on October 18th 2015 . She performed at the near by Castaic Lake. .She was proud to be part of this historical event, since it benefited the WWP. As a veteran herself , it was very special event. She set her 8th World Record by restraining the motorcycles at a new record time Another highlight was pinning Airborne Wings on Oliver Shokouh, owner of Glendale Harley Davidson, sponsor and a great person that has done so much for the Love Ride Charities over the last 32 years.

Discovery Channel will air a special called Adrenaline Junkies in which Juli's stunts will be featured Air time will be posted.

Producers and the film crew were in North Carolina from UK on October 2nd, spending the day with Juli, interviewing and filming the training regiments she follows. On October the 3rd, they were at Ray Price Harley Davidson in Raleigh ,NC filming her stunt "The Hell Ride" This will be airing during the 2016 season of the Science Channel's "Outrageous Acts of Science". Airing date will be posted later here.

Juli Moody, The Queen of Burnouts, entertained the Swiss crowd with 2 stunning performances despite the rain at the prestigious Love Ride 23. The Swiss crowd made a unique picture standing around the stunt arena with their rain gear and umbrellas and all the children dressed in rain suits giving Juli high fives as she made her victory run around the perimeter: they made her feel at home.

The 81 Burnout Team debuted, shredding tires until Juli's incredible power held on for an explosive tire blow out from one of the bikes. Juli is proud to be part of this great event benefiting MDA.

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Southern Devil Harley-Davidson's GRAND OPENING!
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OCTOBER 25, 2014 ... Juli Moody "The Female Human Link" Queen of Burnouts made her debut in this years Love Ride 31. She performed and amazed the west Coast crowd with her signature stunt. With raw and fearless attitude and with the rubber piling up behind the bikes Juli was at times lost in a fog of smoke from 2 beast Harleys screaming and as the announcer put it "Juli is breathing GoodYear now" She held the Harleys with her amazing hand grip and powerful arms until a tire blew out. As the crowd witnessed that incredible stunt Juli started doing her victory dance. Juli is fearless performing her signature stunt, for what she is known around the world to be the best!!! The event benefited MDA. (http://loveride.org/)

SEPTEMBER 26-28, 2014 ... Ray Price's Capital City Bikefest - "The Female Human Link" performed her newly created stunt, "The Hell Ride", setting a world record. She also broke her own World Record of restraining 4 Harley's as they burnout in opposite directions using no brakes! (www.CapitalCityBikefest.com)

Juli Moody is known for preforming extreme strength stunts and she is not shy when it comes to test that. On September 26th 2014; destination- Stunt Alley; event- Capital City Bikefest, she indroduced her new extreme strength stunt she called "The Hell Ride' and Hell ride it was, with clouds of smoke and flying rubber. Juli set a new World Record, again being the only woman to perform this stunt and leaving everybody in awe seeing her use her incredible hand strength to stop a powerful Harley with no brakes from taking off!!

TBA - Juli Moody, "The Female Human Link" will be featured in the December issue of Parrillo Performance Magazine. (www.Parrillo.com)

Juli was spotted by a talent scout and has been asked to perform her amazing feats of strength on Season #9 of America's Got Talent

On September the 27th, 2014, at Stunt Alley during Capital City Bikefest, Juli Moody came back to display her amazing strength trying to break her previous years' World Record. Strapping her self to 4 powerful Harleys and trying to stop them from taking off in opposite directions ... no brakes were used by the riders. This extreme stunt is a signature of Juli and sure enough she ownes it!! With clouds of red white and blue smoke, and 4 screaming Harleys, she attempted a new record time for the stunt!! She came out of the smoke with a new world record of 1 minute 3.76 seconds . Everyone that was there witnessed a brave young lady who is fearless - performing extreme strength stunts !! BRAVO JULI MOODY you made history!

Juli Moody has been awarded the Community Appreciation Award for her efforts to organize and co-host the first Alternative Health Fair in Cumberland County, in conjunction with CEED (Center for Economic Empowerment and Development). The event brought together professionals and community members to bring awareness to disease prevention and symptom recognition. Juli is an Integrative Medical Practitioner specializing in Women's Health.

For all my fans out there, I have been working with a great group of people to come up with the best comic action story for "The Female Human Link"; keep watching! If you have any suggestions or comments please send them to me - I would love to hear your suggestions.

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